Attended Funerals


Attended Funeral Service - £3668

(Total including third party costs)

A religious or secular service held at Stonefall crematorium (fees may differ at other local crematoria). The deceased will arrive at the crematorium in our hearse and a service will be held with mourners in attendance. A minister or celebrant will lead the proceedings and you will have the opportunity for music, readings etc.

This includes:
Services of Funeral Directors - £2450

 Administration staff
 Preparation for cremation
 Care of deceased
 Repatriation within the Harrogate District*
 A standard Alnwick light wood coffin Click to view
 Funeral attendants
 Appointing an officiant for the ceremony
 Receiving cremated remains into our care
 Viewing of deceased by prior arrangement with Funeral Director

Disbursements / Third Party Costs**

 Cremation fee - £931
 Doctor's fee - £82
 Officiant's fee - £205
 Live streaming and photo tributes available at additional cost. Click here for Stonefall crematorium full price list.

To ensure you are able to give your loved one the perfect send off, we can offer a wide range of additional services. You can find more information regarding these services on our optional extras price list.

Other coffins are available at an additional cost for example:-

Whitby light wooden coffin +£75 Click to view
Whitby dark wooden coffin +£95 Click to view
Perthshire wooden coffin +£418 Click to view

Quotations for other coffins e.g. cardboard, wicker or image printed can be given upon request. Click here to view some options we can offer you.

*Repatriation outside the Harrogate District (over 15 miles) extra 98p per mile.

**Disbursements/third party costs are out of our control as they are charged by different authorities/agencies and are subject to change.

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SAIF2 (37K)
As a member of the trade body for independent funeral directors (SAIF) we follow an industry leading code of practice and are regularly inspected.