Family and friends can find great comfort having a memorial and place to visit in order to remember loved ones.

Memorials for Burial
You may wish to consider a memorial stone or additional wording on an existing memorial or replace the memorial if it is damaged.

Different cemeteries have different regulations regarding memorials. We can advise on the local guidelines for your area. We can suggest local memorial masons who can show you a full range of memorials.

Memorials for Cremation
There is often a range of memorials available at the local crematorium's garden of remembrance. You may choose to have the ashes buried in a churchyard or cemetery. Some people scatter or bury their loved one's ashes in a favourite or memorable place.

There are a number of different urns or ashes caskets for you to keep the ashes in at home. Other options also available, such as having your loved one's ashes made into jewellery, or even sent into space!

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