Unattended Direct Cremation


Unattended Direct Cremation - £1381

(Total including third party costs)

A simple, respectful funeral, our unattended cremation service takes place with dignity yet without ceremony. Friends and family are not present. In the days following an unattended service, we will collect the ashes and hold them in our care for your collection.

This includes:
Services of Funeral Directors - £800

 Administration staff
 Preparation for cremation
 Care of deceased
 Transportation of deceased to crematorium
 Repatriation within the Harrogate District*
 A standard Alnwick light wood coffin Click to view
 Receiving cremated remains into our care
 Viewing of deceased by prior arrangement with Funeral Director

Disbursements / Third Party Costs**

 Unattended cremation fee - £499
 Doctor's fee - £82

*Repatriation outside the Harrogate District (over 15 miles) extra 98p per mile.

**Disbursements/third party costs are out of our control as they are charged by different authorities/agencies and are subject to change.

flourish (16K)
SAIF2 (37K)
As a member of the trade body for independent funeral directors (SAIF) we follow an industry leading code of practice and are regularly inspected.