Registering a death


All deaths are usually registered in the area where they occur, normally within 5 days unless the coroner is investigating the circumstances relating to the death.

Who can register:-
 a close relative of the deceased.
 a relative in attendance during their last illness.
 a relative living in the district where the death occurred.
 a person present at the time of death.

Information/documents needed for Registration

 Medical Death Certificate - the Registrar will need a copy of the medical death certificate in order for you to register the death, this is usually produced by a doctor (if the coroner is involved, the coroner's office will advise you).
 Knowledge of personal information regarding the deceased:- i.e., full name, address, date of birth, date of death, birthplace, occupation (if applicable), marital status (and maiden name if applicable).
 Time to allow for registration, usually 30 - 40 minutes.
 The Registrars may offer you the option of the 'Tell Us Once' service, which lets you report a death to most government organisations (the registrar will explain this in more detail).

Documents - copies of Death Certificate

When you have registered the death, you are able to purchase certified copies of the Death Certificate (approximately £11 per certificate but this may vary upon area).

The Registrar will also issue a Certificate for Burial or Cremation (commonly known as the Green Certificate), which will be given to your chosen Funeral Director.

The death must be registered in the District Register Office for the area in which it occurred.

Local Registrar Offices contact:

Harrogate - Tel: (01609) 780780

Leeds - Tel: 0113 222 4408

York - Tel: (01904) 654 477

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