Here is a small selection highlighting the different types of coffins and caskets available. There are many more options for each style so don't hesitate to ask should you have a particular request or would like to view more options.

Alnwick_Light (122K)
The Alnwick light wood coffin

Whitby_dark (127K)
The Whitby dark wood coffin

perthshire (163K)
The Perthshire wood coffin

willowcurved_goldpink (173K)
Curved willow coffin in gold with pink detail

willow_curved_white (200K)
Curved white willow coffin

willowtrad_buff (186K)
Traditional style willow coffin in buff

Willow_Rainbow (144K)
Rainbow willow coffin

wildhorses (41K)
Printed coffin with horses design

sportnation (63K)
Printed coffin with football design

fireworks (53K)
Printed coffin with fireworks design

german_shepherd (45K)
Printed coffin with German Shepherd design

Cardboard_poppies (132K)
Cardboard coffin with poppy design

Cardboard_bluebells (99K)
Cardboard coffin with bluebell design

Cardboard_daffodils (163K)
Cardboard coffin with daffodils design

wool-grey (87K)
Grey wool coffin

bamboo (142K)
Woven bamboo coffin

Panelled_caskets (83K)
Panelled veneered light oak casket (left)
Panelled veneered mahogany casket (right)

colour_caskets (141K)
Design printed wooden caskets

willow_caskets (54K)
Willow caskets

scatter_tubes (44K)
Scatter tube - Rainbow over the lake
Scatter tube - Sunflowers

scatter_tubes2 (26K)
Scatter tube - Dove
Scatter tube - Bluebell wood

SAIF2 (37K)
As a member of the trade body for independent funeral directors (SAIF) we follow an industry leading code of practice and are regularly inspected.