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Hampsthwaite Office
Birstwith Road
Tel: 01423 770258

Harrogate Office
3 Sykes Grove
Tel: 01423 505543
Visits by appointment

Bespoke Church Service - from 1912

(Total excluding third party costs)

A religious service in your chosen place of worship. The deceased will arrive at the church in our hearse and a religious service will be held with mourners in attendance. A minister will lead the proceedings and you will have the opportunity for hymns, readings and prayers. The service will be followed by either a burial or cremation according to your wishes.

This includes:

Services of Funeral Directors - 1912
  • Administration staff
  • Preparation for cremation or burial
  • Care of deceased
  • Hearse
  • Repatriation within the Harrogate District (weekdays)*
  • A standard Alnwick light wood coffin
  • Funeral attendants
  • Appointing an officiant for the ceremony
  • Receiving cremated remains into our care (if applicable)
Disbursements / Third Party Costs**

Other costs of a church funeral service may include:

  • Church fees to be advised at time of need
  • Plot preparation in a churchyard (Burial) to be advised at time of need
  • Exclusive Right of Burial (for example at Stonefall Cemetery - 1197)
  • Grave Preparation fee (for example at Stonefall Cemetery - 818)
  • Doctor's fee (if applicable) - 82

To ensure you are able to give your loved one the perfect send off, we can offer a wide range of additional services. You can find more information regarding these extra options on our funeral services page.

Other coffins are available at an additional cost for example:-

Whitby light wooden coffin +16
Whitby dark wooden coffin +44
Perthshire wooden coffin +258

Quotations for other coffins e.g. cardboard and wicker can be given upon request.

*Out of hours repatriation within the Harrogate District weekends (from Friday 4pm to Monday 6am) and bank holidays - 262
Repatriation out of the Harrogate District (additional fee will apply)

**Disbursements/third party costs are out of our control as they are charged by different authorities/agencies and are subject to change.

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