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Hampsthwaite Office
Birstwith Road
Tel: 01423 770258

Harrogate Office
3 Sykes Grove
Tel: 01423 505543
Visits by appointment

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Funeral Planning

It can be helpful to gather some of the following information, we will do all we can to help and guide you through this process.

  1. Which day is suitable for the service?
  2. Where shall we hold the service or occasion of tribute?
  3. What time shall we hold the services?
  4. Is the service to be followed by interment or cremation?
  5. If interment when is it to take place?
    Do you have a pre-purchase grave?
    Where are the deeds for the grave?
  6. If cremation, what do you wish to happen to the creamated remains?
  7. Who will conduct the service or occasion of tribute?
  8. Are we to sing hymms? Which ones?
  9. Will you require reading or music of your choice?
  10. Do you wish to include an announcement in any local newspapers? Which ones?
  11. Do you wish to have donations received for charities? Which ones?
  12. Would you like printed service sheets?
  13. Do you require a car or cars? If so, how many?
  14. What floral tributes would you like?
  15. What would you like to happen to the floral tributes after the service?
  16. Will you require catering after the service?
  17. Where will the cortege depart from?
  18. What time should we meet before the service?
  19. Would you like attendance cards for the people who attended the service?
  20. Will you require "Thank You" stationery?
  21. Would you like a "Thank You" in any local newspapers? If so, which ones?
  22. When can you go to the registrars office?
  23. What was the date of the deceased?
  24. Where was the deceased born?
  25. What was the maiden name of the deceased (if applicable)?

NOTE: Questions 23-25 are questions the registrar will ask you. We will collect the medical certificate from the doctor or hospital. If there are any personal items, we will also collect these items and give them to you.

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Funeral Planning

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